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Ethel – health updates

notice the square bald spot :)

notice the square bald spot :)

It has been a crazy week.

At 9:30 this morning, Andrew carried Ethel into the UW School of Veterinary Medicine neuro department, where they went over the procedures she’d be undergoing today and the ones that might have to be done, depending on the results. Blood draw, x-ray, MRI, spinal tap. Oh and a nail trim (which Ethel literally has to be unconscious for every single time).

At 3:45 they finally called with results. Meningitis. No surgery, just a month of steroids to bring the whole thing to a halt, another spinal tap in January to verify that it’s on the retreat, and then a slow reduction of the ‘roids.

And now she’s home, eating a mixture of her normal food and chicken noodle soup, which (as you might imagine) she loves. And cubes of cheese with painkillers embedded in them.

The length of her recover depends on how well she responds to the steroids, and will likely mean that our Jan 2 departure date is pushed back by a few weeks, or a month. In the coming days we’ll have plane tickets to change and a short-term residence to locate…but for now I’m just happy that she’s home and on the mend. We’ll deal with the rest of it soon enough.

The support Ethel and I received from friends and family came fast and strong, and…I found it incredibly surprising and overwhelming. I built the donation site in an hour the night I found out she needed all of this work…I needed to do something. I woke up to an inbox full of “donation received” emails. Thank you. Individual emails will go out later today, but…thank you.

From me and the beast.


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