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Bún chay, street style

IMG_2948bokchoyVegetarians generally miss out on the opportunity to eat a cheap bowl of hot noodle soup in the morning, perched on a plastic stool on the sidewalk. Phở and bún, the two most common noodle dishes, are both made with meat and meat broth. But if you’re looking for this single dish street experience for the veg-friendly, there’s a place for you.

Across from the Quan Su temple on [you guessed it] Quan Su, there’s a street food stall serving hot bowls of phở chay or bún chay, from about 7am until supplies run out. The purveyor of noodles recommends between 8 and 9, to be safe. Pull up a stool, add a bit of hot sauce, lime and garlic, and dig in. 2 people, two bún chay, 2 teas = ~50,000 vnd.

We can’t promise that it’s MSG free, but I can promise that it’s a cheap bowl of noodles, mushrooms, bamboo shoots and aromatic herbs, that there are plastic stools involved, and that you’ll leave satisfied.


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