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a quick holiday in Hoi An

As much as we love Hanoi, Andrew and I have realized – recently – that most of a year has gone by without much travel within Vietnam. First destination: Hoi An, a seaside “city” in south-central Vietnam famous for it’s old architecture (protected by a UNESCO grant), tailors, fresh air, and seafood. Ok so no seafood for us…but still! 

A quick flight to Da Nang (45 minutes to the north of Hoi An, this more modern city is a familiar name to Americans of my parent’s generation), followed by a beautiful drive along a coastal highway on a $5 rented motorbike…and there we were. Three days in paradise.

Click on these for bigger versions…



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    • I’d forgotten how great the city was. Really just a wonderful place, and lots of beautiful easy driving roads in both directions for when you want to get out of town and away from the touristy stuff.

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