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Thai ice cream deliciousness

Tell me this isn’t what you want to eatIMG_3126.

Unless you say “UM YES I WANT TO EAT THIS” you’re a liar. a LIAR.

This is a tiny dessert restaurant along Kim Ma that – for 15,000 vnd – give you this delicious item. Maybe this isn’t that special…but I love it.

Green cardamom rice…slightly salty. I’m not 100% sure it’s cardamom…if someone tries it and identifies it as something else, please let me know!

Delicate rice ice cream. Yeah that sounds a bit odd to those new to Asian ice cream flavors. First, trust me, it’s delicious. Second, at least it’s not the green bean ice that’s weird.

Crispy coconut shavings. They freaking make this dish. Other than the ice cream. And the warm rice. Damnit.

Anyways…try this. It’s a cute little no-frills shop, and it’s a decidedly Thai flavor…for those days when you’re just freaking tired of che.

Here’s what the front looks like:

IMG_3131Notice the address says Giang Vo. It is not at all on Giang Vo. It’s on one of those tiny alleys of Kim Ma that are one block long and run parallel to it. It’s 3 doors down from the vegetarian restaurant.




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