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Teacher & Education Consultant

An introduction…

The college application process is an arduous one. Students need the highest possible scores on standardized tests, strong grades in school, personal and genuine essays, strong letters of recommendation, and the right mix of hobbies, extracurriculars, and volunteering. There are forms, there is research to be done, there are options to be considered.

This is where I come in. I am an education consultant working with students interested in studying in America for high school, college, and graduate school. The majority of my students from the last application cycle placed in great schools with generous financing offers – a combination that makes student and parents happy. Test prep, school selection, forms, essays, and everything in-between: my job is to make sure your writing/reading scores are at their highest, your essays are insightful and polished, and that all the little pieces are in their place. Using my experience in Admissions, my academic coaching background here in Hanoi, and the tools I learned teaching hundreds of students in the US and here in Vietnam, I help students and their families find the best schools, assemble the best possible application, and begin this exciting next step.

Check out my professional website to learn more about this part of my life, and get in touch if you have any questions!


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